JBL’s New Studio L Series Speakers

JBL Studio L Series loudspeakers offer expanded installation options, and feature a contemporary design that complements most décors and home entertainment installations.

The Studio L Series includes two wall-mount/bookshelf monitors (models L810, L820); a compact bookshelf loudspeaker (model L830); two floorstanding towers (models L880 and L890); two dedicated centerchannel loudspeakers (models LC1 and the wall-mountable LC2) and a 12-inch, 600-watt powered subwoofer (model L8400P). Prices for the Studio L Series range from $550 to $1,398 per pair (SRP).

Every Studio L Series loudspeaker (except the L8400P subwoofer) has an ultrahigh-frequency transducer that provides extended frequency response to 40kHz. The driver element utilizes a voice coilmounted directly to a Mylar diaphragm. The result is open and detailed high-frequency reproduction – with a more natural quality of spaciousness and “air” over a wide listening area.

The ultrahigh-frequency transducer is complemented by a pure-titanium dome high-frequency transducer which uses a dome formed of a lightweight, rigid titanium sheet and flexible surround for qualitytransient response and clarity. The high-frequency transducer is housed within an Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide that delivers the same response off-axis as it does on-axis, and directssound toward the listening area rather than off the sidewalls, for more precise imaging and localization.

The woofers and midrange drivers used in the Studio L Series use JBL’s PolyPlas cone material, which combines the sonic neutrality of paper with the added rigidity and damping of the PolyPlastreatment to attenuate cone resonances, provide a smooth frequency response with faster transients and allow higher playback levels without distortion.

The voice coils are constructed using oversized Kapton formers for increased efficiency and power-handling capability. The driver frames are made from nonmagnetic cast aluminum that are manufacturedwith a high degree of precision, for improved sensitivity with less energy loss according to JBL. The cast-aluminum frames and the drivers’ unique HeatScape motor structure provide efficient heatdissipation for accurate driver performance, even during high-volume playback.

All Studio L Series loudspeakers (except the L820, LC2 and L8400P subwoofer) incorporate JBL’s FreeFlow port technology, utilizing a specially shaped bass port that is tuned to each model’s wooferand enclosure for extended low-frequency response and improved efficiency, while attenuating airflow turbulence that can cause audible distortion. The L8400P subwoofer employs a sealed-enclosuredesign for tightly controlled, articulate bass response.

The JBL Studio L Series has a contemporary design featuring sleek, curved and contoured wood-finish enclosures accented by black grilles. With the grilles off, the speakers present a high-tech look,with metallic-silver PolyPlas loudspeaker cones and contrasting dark-gray driver frames and waveguides. The loudspeakers are available in a cherry, beech or black-ash finish.

For more information, please visit http://www.jbl.com/

Found VIA Audio/Video Revolution

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