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Jurassic World on track to trample Furious 7's home entertainment record

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Jurassic World continues to crush other films on its way to further records and buzz. Recently released on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital home entertainment formats, the film is on track to become the highest-grossing live-action Blu-ray movie ever, reports Deadline, an honor currently held by Furious 7. On top of that, it is poised to become Universal Pictures Home Entertainment’s biggest release ever, not to mention the best-selling Blu-ray and DVD film of the year.

That Jurassic World‘s unprecedented success should transfer to home entertainment should surprise no one. This is, after all, the film that set one box office record after another this summer. In fact, by racking up $1.6 billion worldwide, Jurassic World played an Indominus Rex-sized role in spurring Universal onto the all-time highest-grossing year at the international box office.

In the first week after the dinosaur action flick’s home entertainment release, Jurassic World sold almost 3 million units on Blu-ray and DVD. By comparison, Furious 7 topped out at 2.5 million units sold during its own debut week back in September. Factoring in all home entertainment formats — both digital and physical — shows Jurassic World emerging victorious. The title hit $82.6 million in sales while Furious 7 reached $52.5 million in their respective week-long debut periods.

Whichever film had come out on top, though, would mean a win for Universal. “Jurassic World’s record-breaking home entertainment debut, alongside Furious 7′s recent spectacular performance, squarely reinforces the ever-robust and enduring consumer demand to own great content, both physically and digitally,” said the president of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Eddie Cunningham, in a related statement.

With the holidays coming up, we expect both movies to see further spikes in their total sales and units sold. It may just be the most wonderful time of the year for Universal.

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