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LG unveils the LW9800, first passive 3D TV to earn THX certification

LG LW9800 LED-backlit 3D tv

LG chose the first day of CEDIA 2011 to announce the release of its new top-of-the-line display, the 55LW9800. The 55-inch LED backlit, passive 3D TV retails for a fairly hefty $3,799 and is available now.

LG is quick to point out that this new model is the first passive 3D TV to earn THX certification, proving it passed crucial gamma, luminance and color temperature benchmarks. In total, over 400 individual tests were administered and passed for the set to earn both 3D and 2D certification.

More interesting to us than the THX badge, however, is the fact that LG has chosen to use an LED backlighting array with “over 200 addressable sectors” that, in addition to facilitating a 1.08-inch deep cabinet,  suggests that the set’s local dimming prowess may be on par with that of the Sony XBR-HX929 that we tested earlier this year. This indicates to us that the performance of the TV should be quite good, but we’ll report back more definitely after we get a closer look on the show floor tomorrow.

The new model sports LG’s recently expanded Smart TV online content package, which now includes access to Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and MOG. Packed in the box will be four free pair of LG’s passive 3D glasses.

We’ll be checking out the new 55LW9800 on the show floor tomorrow and will be sure to bring you our initial impressions. We’re curious to see how sharp the 3D images are, but just as  interested in checking out how uniform the backlighting is.

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