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Take a first look at Marshall’s new Major II on-ear headphones

Marshall showed off the latest weapon in the company’s headphone arsenal this year at CES 2015, the Marshall Major II. These sleek black cans add several new features t for the new year, including a revamped sound signature for clarity and power up top, and punch down low.

The Major II follow a lot of headphone models on the market these days, adding a new headband that is extremely flexible, and therefore very durable as well. The headphones fold in for an even smaller profile for 2015, and a cable can be plugged in to either side for convenience. The headphones also come with the the stylish little extras you get from an iconic brand like Marshall, including gold touches along the frames and a coiled headphone cable that looks like it should be extending from a miniature Fender Stratocaster, circa 1975.

The price on the showroom floor was quoted at $100, but it looks like the initial U.S. price tag may come in closer to $120. Still, with style, durability, and some impressive sound, the Major II look to be a solid contender in the on-ear headphone space this year.

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