Netflix momentarily leaks House of Cards, blames it on D.C.

netflix snapchat face swap posters paris house of cards promo shot

The line between streaming video and traditional TV services is increasingly blurring, but a solid reminder of just how different from the status quo services like Netflix really are arrived this afternoon when, for the briefest window, Netflix accidentally made available all 13 episodes of House of Cards Season 3.

Exposed by a Tweet from CNBC, Netflix’s wildly popular original series popped up 16 days ahead of its February 27th release date this afternoon, allowing the savviest of Netflix trollers to get their paws on at least one episode when opportunity knocked.

Netflix later posted a Tweet of its own, using some PR savvy culled straight from the political thriller.

The company has reportedly confirmed the leak was a “technical glitch,” and while some were able to stream at least part of episode 1, for the rest of us, the wait continues. It’s strangely comforting to know that even the top streaming service in the land can make a mondo mistake once in awhile. Don’t be surprised if the company’s content implementation department suddenly posts an opening.

Since you’ve already missed out on the action, here’s the trailer for the new season to get you primed for the originally scheduled launch.