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Paradigm unveils its gorgeous new Prestige Series speakers

paradigm unveils gorgeous new prestige series speakers
Paradigm today unveiled a shiny new speaker line to show off at the CEDIA 2014 festivities in Denver, dubbed the Prestige Series. The speakers are comprised of seven new pieces that leverage the Canadian company’s proprietary technologies as well as a sleek, laquered design for a result the company is calling “Paradigm — Redefined.”

Each of the new creations boast the company’s Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) Tweeter Lens, designed to protect their signature Satin-Anodized Pure Aluminum (S-PAL) tweeter domes and block out unwanted frequencies that cause phasing, or sound cancelation. The tweeters are hand-constructed in Paradigm’s Canadian-based facilities, and designed to offer extended high frequencies for vivid detail and high volume output.

The new speakers come in three floorstanding versions, including the 95F, the 85F, and the 75F, two center channels, the 55C and 45C, as well as the 25S surround channel, and the 15B bookshelf speaker.

All of the pieces offer “non-resonant” cabinets wrapped in walnut hardwood. The cabinets come in “smooth satin” Walnut and Black Walnut finishes, as well as Midnight Cherry and Piano Black finishes layered in high-gloss lacquer.

While we haven’t gotten a chance to go ears-on with the new Prestige series yet, Paradigm has been showing its muscle lately in the home theater category, with prime offerings like its Millenia and Signature series which sound absolutely incredible. We have little doubt the Prestige will continue to exude the same sonic quality as its impressive lineage.

Pricing, specs, and other details are still unclear for Paradigm’s new series, but we do know the speakers will start shipping sometime in Q4 of this year. Stay tuned for more details as they are released.

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