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Roam and Atari team up for GameOn headphones aimed at both gamers and music lovers

Beats by Dre co-creator Steven Lamar may no longer be involved with that brand, but he is anything but done with the world of headphones. Earlier this year, it was announced that his company Roam — founded in 2014 — had teamed up with Atari to launch co-branded audio products. Now the first fruits of that partnership are available, as the GameOn headphones officially launched on Tuesday.

“The launch of GameOn represents a paradigm shift for the audio industry. No one has ever offered an earphone with ultra-premium materials and drivers at this price,” Lamar told Digital Trends. “It’s probably going to upset a lot of people in the industry, but it doesn’t matter because most earphone manufacturers have gotten complacent. As a result, an entire generation has come to expect inferior audio. That stops now. Roam is making the music matter again and we’re doing it at an accessible price.”

While many headphones aim to please either audiophiles or the general public, the GameOn earphones aim to do both. Not only are they meant to be used for both music listening and gaming, but they offer two different built-in EQ modes: Audiophile Mode for more accurate reproduction, and Bass Boost mode for more casual listening and gaming.

The GameOn earphones use a two-way hybrid driver that the company says offers accurate bass, transparent midrange, and clear highs. This is paired with silicone ear tips and SureFit ear tip horns, which combined offer a total of up to 27 different combinations, making it much easier for users to find a fit that is comfortable for them.

“When I first heard Roam’s product, I couldn’t believe the incredible sound quality. Audio is such a significant component of the gaming experience, and our goal is to reconnect with an entire generation that has been lost to inferior audio,” Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Roam because of their dedication to the art of sound, and passion for delivering a quality product that will powerfully change the way we listen to music and interact with their mobile games.”

Roam says the materials and build quality used in the GameOn headphones would normally be priced around $400, but it is charging less than half of that at $170. Even better: to celebrate the earphones’ launch on Indiegogo, the first 200 pairs sold will go for just $100. For more information, see the Indiegogo campaign page.

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