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Samsung adds new sizes to its microLED TV lineup — and they start at $110K

The 114-inch Samsung microLED TV on display at CES 2024.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Go big or go home, as they say. Samsung is doing just that with the latest additions to its growing microLED TV lineup. The newest models include the 89-inch and 101-inch MS1B options, as well as the mammoth 114-inch MS1C Class TV, which all join the existing 110-inch model. Pricing starts at a cool $110,000.

Boasting minimalistic designs, these TVs function as statement pieces and entertainment portals that sit flush against the wall. Thanks to the Infinity Screen design, the picture beautifully blends in with the wall behind it, making these TVs part of your room’s decor.

Samsung’s microLED TVs, not surprisingly, feature all the bells and whistles you’d expect from high-end displays. They incorporate more than 8 million points of light through microscopic LEDs that radiate to display content of all types with great color, contrast, and brightness. Micro Color technology provides a natural, realistic look, with accurate reproduction of every shade of color imaginable.

With the advanced Micro AI processor, the TVs use artificial intelligence to upscale a picture to 4K resolution, even if you’re watching HD content or from an HD source.

Samsung microLED TV mounted on a wall showing a violin with a seat in front of it.

What about audio? While you will likely want to add a soundbar or full home theater to accompany the display, you can also enjoy 3D Arena Sound from its own built-in, nearly invisible speakers. This includes built-in Dolby Atmos support, along with Object Tracking Sound Pro, which keeps the sound front and center no matter where you’re sitting or moving around in the room.

If you always find yourself cranking the volume late at night to hear dialogue, then fumbling to turn it back down during loud background scenes, here’s a feature you’ll appreciate: Active Voice Amplifier Pro uses AI to analyze and separate dialogue from background sounds. This way, you get a more balanced audio experience and can leave the remote off to the side while you focus on the screen.

Samsung microLED TVs on a wall showing the 4Vue feature with four pieces of art on screen.

Another neat feature is 4Vue for watching four screens at once. You can enjoy multiple sporting events during the Paris Olympics, or keep up to date on the score of the big game, along with the local news headlines, while watching your favorite TV show at the same time. With access to the Samsung Art Store, you can display collections from world-renowned galleries in Art Mode when you aren’t actively watching TV.

There’s also Samsung Gaming Hub for downtime and Samsung TV Plus for streaming free live TV channels, including thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. Shipping in sustainable packaging, the TVs also come with Samsung Knox, which protects your personal data.

Samsung microLED TV
First shown at CES 2024, these new microLED TVs, including the impressive 114-incher, along with an upcoming even larger model that spans 140 inches in size, join Samsung’s expansive display lineup that also includes new Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs, along with its OLED TVs.

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