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Skullcandy and Doritos celebrate 4/20 with a ‘joint’ collab

Every year, fans of cannabis culture observe April 20 (4/20) as an official holiday. And this year, Skullcandy and Doritos are helping them mark the event with what can only be described as a “joint” collaboration: Skullcandy’s Dime wireless earbuds have been dressed in two limited-edition nacho cheese-inspired color themes (orange and red), which are being offered exclusively on for $35 starting April 12 — a $10 premium over the price of a non-nacho set of Dimes.

Skullcandy/Doritos limited edition 420 Dime wireless earbuds in orange.

“It’s no secret, there’s a more intense hunger for snacks and tracks on what has become a legitimately recognized cultural holiday,” said Jessica Klodnicki, Skullcandy’s chief marketing officer, in a press release, “and we’re stoked to be feeding that.”

Only 420 of the 4/20 Skullcandy x Doritos Dimes will be sold and each will be individually hand-numbered. If you’re among the first 100 people to place an order, you’ll also receive a Skullcandy/Doritos-branded triangular plastic dish that the companies describe as a “dust tray.” We can only assume that the narrow slot carved into one side of the tray is there to aid in the process of extracting all of that nacho cheesy goodness into your mouth. After all, what else could it be for?

Skullcandy/Doritos limited edition 420 Dime wireless earbuds seen with the even more limited edition "dust tray."

Aside from the Doritos-inspired colors and graphics, these 4/20 edition Dimes are just like the company’s standard Dimes — a remarkably compact set of wireless earbuds that offer surprisingly decent sound for the price. They pack up to 12 hours of battery life and can withstand sweat and rain thanks to an IPX4 rating. You can use the earbuds together for stereo sound, or individually to help extend the battery life even further.

Limited edition 4/20 Skullcandy Dimes in a numbered box.

A set of physical buttons beneath a rubberized exterior are easy to use unless you happen to be in a state of reduced dexterity, and they can control all of the key functions like play/pause, track skip forward/back, and volume up/down. When I went hands-on with the original Dimes in 2021, I found them to be very comfortable, and I really liked the the design of the charging case, with its tiny footprint and ultra-secure snap closure.

Skullcandy says that if you order the 4/20 Skullcandy x Doritos Dimes on April 12, they should arrive in plenty of time for your April 20 celebrations. Sadly, a bag of Doritos is not included, so while your ears may be satisfied, you’ll still have to hit your local bodega to deal with any hunger you may experience that day.

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