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SunBrite beams your favorite content into the yard with its new wireless HDMI transceiver

sunbrite unveils universal outdoor wireless hdtv transceiver hdwt 2
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Earlier this week SunBrite — the California-based purveyor of televisions built specifically for outdoor use — revealed its new universal HDTV outdoor transmitter module, which is capable of transferring full 1080p HD content to any HDMI-enabled display wirelessly, from a claimed distance of up to 150 feet away. Sunbrite’s SB-HDWT costs a hefty $600, and is already sold out via the official product page, but the device could rise to must-have status for customers looking to build a top-of-the-line home theater system with the capacity for entertaining outdoors.

“The Wireless HD Transceiver makes it easy and painless for both homeowners and professional installers to send a high-definition signal to an outdoor TV—anywhere in the backyard living space,” said VP of marketing, Tom Dixon.

The SB-HDTW is compatible with HD resolutions from 480p up to full 1080p, as well as including HDCP2.0 with video encryption for secure wireless streaming. The transmission device boasts internal omni-directional antennas to send the video signal, which is picked up by a weatherized outdoor receiving unit to feed your HDMI TV.  The device is designed to feed any HDMI compatible TV from the secure shelter of your living room, and also includes a built-in IR extender, and 4-foot IR cable, allowing users to control media via remote from the backyard. The SB-HDWT is compatible with virtually any HDMI compatible cable/satellite set-top box, Blu-ray player, DVR box, or game console, allowing you to send all of your favorite media into the great outdoors, with no strings attached. 

We took a close look at SunBrite’s Signature Series SB-5560HD outdoor TV almost exactly one year ago, and — especially in terms of SunBrite’s alleged outdoor durability — we were thoroughly impressed. However, one of our biggest issues was the lack of content, as we were only able to connect to an outdoor HD antenna without running miles of wires from our home theater room. The new HDTW resolves those issues – though at a hefty price. If you already have or are considering assembling a system able to function outdoors, there’s nothing wrong with going the SunBrite route for both the TV itself and the arguably necessary accessories. Just remember that it’s not exactly cheap to take your living room into the backyard…

Wires can be a big turnoff for customers trying to create an outdoor TV viewing experience. It’s next to impossible to achieve a truly wire-free setup when you consider the need to power every device within the system, so eliminating as many cables as possible is often the next-best solution. And in terms of eliminating wires outdoors, the new SB-HDWT is one of the best available options, especially if you’ve already got a SunBrite TV.

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