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The Walking Dead to end with season 11; Daryl and Carol will get a spinoff show

Like the zombies that populate the series, AMC’s The Walking Dead won’t go away after the show dies — in fact, it’s getting another set of spinoff projects.

AMC announced that it’s long-running post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead will end with an 11th and final season that will conclude in 2022. The final season will encompass a relatively lengthy 24 episodes as it wraps up the show’s award-winning run.

Fans of The Walking Dead will still have plenty of stories set in that universe to look forward to, though, as the network also announced a pair of spinoff series based on the franchise.

First and foremost among the spinoff projects is a series following fan-favorite characters Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier, played by Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, respectively. That untitled series will premiere in 2023 and will have The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang onboard as co-creator along with executive producer Scott Gimple.

A second spinoff series titled Tales of The Walking Dead is also planned. That series will offer an anthology-style program exploring various supporting characters or concepts introduced in the main series.

These new series join a franchise that has already spawned several spinoffs, including the current Fear the Walking Dead series, which will premiere its sixth season in October. The two-season limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond will also premiere in October. Several movies based on The Walking Dead are also in various stages of development or production.

The Walking Dead is currently approaching the end of its 10th season, with the next episode set to air October 4.

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