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The Walking Dead Season 10 theories: Who lives, who dies, and who returns

Fans are gearing up for the upcoming 10th season of The Walking Dead, which premieres Sunday, October 6. And there are plenty of questions that still need answers.

What will become of the group, now that they’re back in Alexandria? What revenge will they get on Alpha and The Whisperers for their dirty deeds, and what will Alpha do next once things come to a head (pun intended)?

With the story continuing to unfold through the follow-up films that will star Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), as well as a parallel story happening in spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, there’s plenty of opportunity for crossover and new stories to emerge. Here are some theories about what we might see in season 10.

Maggie returns

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Maggie left the series when actress Lauren Cohan decided to pursue other projects. She wasn’t killed off, though; her character left to live with another group, racked by guilt about Rick’s (presumed) death. Now that Cohan’s new series has been canceled, however, showrunner Angela Kang’s promise to leave the door open for the character has fans suspecting Maggie will return this season. Kang has confirmed that they’re “working on it,” but there aren’t any details yet. Will Maggie be a big part of season 10, or will her return be short-lived? Whatever the story, she will likely be back in some form this season.

Negan’s redemption

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At the end of season 9, we saw a seriously injured Negan trudge through a major snowstorm with a hypothermic Judith slung over his shoulder as if he were some kind of superhero. Upon their return home, he was shoved back into a cell. Will Negan be redeemed and released this season? There has to be more to his character, and we can’t see him reverting to his old self again. The group might be able to use the old Negan to their advantage, though, and call for his help to take down Alpha, who has proven to be just as formidable an adversary as he once was.

Carol vs. Alpha

The Walking Dead Season 7
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It has to be Carol. There is no other way for Alpha to die that will satisfy fans of the show but at the hands of Carol. Both are fearless, badass mothers who have their own unique ways of blending in — one by baking cookies and the other by literally wearing a mask. But Carol has a caring side while Alpha is pure darkness. After Alpha brutally killed Carol’s adoptive son and then paraded his head on a stick, Carol is out for blood. And this season, they better make sure she gets it.

Daryl vs. Beta, Part 2

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Daryl and Beta’s fight scene was one of the most intense battles of season 9, with the two strapping men going at each other like rabid dogs. In the end, even after falling down an elevator shaft, Beta somehow survived — much to Daryl’s surprise. There’s some unfinished business there, and since we don’t see Daryl being taken out any time soon, we predict he’ll finally end Beta, once and for all.

Farewell, Michonne

The Walking Dead Season 7 Gallery
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It’s a given that Michonne will leave, as actor Danai Gurira has confirmed her departure and is only set to appear in a recurring role for season 10. But what form will her exit take? She won’t be killed off, since the possibility has been discussed of her joining the in-development films. If Michonne somehow finds out that Rick is alive, she may leave to find him. Either way, while we’ll see less of Michonne, she’ll still be very much alive and kicking.

R.I.P. Ezekiel

Gene Page / AMC

It seems like there’s little left for the character of Ezekiel. He no longer has a Kingdom, his tiger Shiva, his unofficially adopted son, or his wife. He’s become one of the more dispensable prominent characters and is likely to meet his end this year, forcing Jerry to step up and take on the leadership role. Will his death be at the hands of Alpha? It’s uncertain. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t be surprised if this season was the character’s last.

Jadis’ secrets

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Just as spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead is weaving in references to the same mysterious helicopters and people in protective suits presumed to have taken Rick, The Walking Dead might shed some light on that story, too. Will Jadis return as a recruiter, looking for people who fit the A or B classifications (whatever that means)? Could Michonne be captured, or tipped off about Rick’s status? Whatever happens, if she does return, it will hopefully reveal more details about the mysterious group.

Radio friend (or foe)

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At the end of last season, just as Ezekiel walked away from his radio, a female voice was heard asking, “Is anyone there?” There’s a lot of static, so the voice isn’t clear, but it’s definitely female — and it’s not Rick, as some fans had hoped. So who is it? It could very likely be a woman named Stephanie from another group called the Commonwealth, as that’s how the story goes in the comics, at least. Others think this might mark yet another crossover with Fear the Walking Dead, though the radio would have to be pretty strong to transmit across different states. The odds favor the Commonwealth story arc, and it could be an integral part of the upcoming season.

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