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Ultimate Ears’ new site lets you design and order a custom Bluetooth speaker

If you’ve been in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, but you can’t quite seem to find one with the looks you like, Ultimate Ears has a new solution for you. On Sunday, March 3, the company announced a service it calls myBoom Studio, allowing buyers to customize the looks of its Boom 3 speakers for a small premium.

The new service allows you to pick between thousands of different colors, offering choices for the speaker fabric, end caps, spine, and even custom engraving a word or phrase onto the back of the speaker for you.

“Our speakers have always reflected the unique styles of our listeners, but up until today, our fans were limited with the color and design options we made available to them,” said Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears, in a press release. “With myBOOM 3, we’ve created this enjoyable and unique design studio where music enthusiasts can show their creativity and give their favorite Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 speaker a truly personalized look and feel.”
We had some hands-on time with the new customization service before launch and came away impressed with the ease with which we could customize our ideal Digital Trends speaker.
First, we had the choice of customizing everything ourselves, or using a feature that longtime Google users will be familiar with: I’m Feeling Lucky. If you click the I’m Feeling Lucky button, the website will populate a random design for you, allowing you to choose it, or to use it as a starting point for customization. We had fun designing our speaker, which featured our signature blue, white, and black looks, and “Digital Trends” engraved on the spine.
Currently, myBoom Studio is only available for the Boom 3 model, but we imagine if the service is a success we’ll see it beginning to appear on other models.
The myBoom speakers are now available in the United States via the company’s website, as well as at select T-Mobile stores in Chicago and Miami. Those interested in a custom version of a Boom 3 speaker should note that it will cost more than the standard, non-custom, models. Speakers made with the myBoom site will cost $180, compared to the Boom 3’s standard $150 price tag.

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