Your 17-year-old self would definitely buy this wearable subwoofer

woojer wearable subwoofer bass you can feel wookjer

One of the best parts of watching a movie in a theater is getting feel the explosions rattle your bones. And when we go to live concerts or dance clubs, we expect to the beat to pulse through our bodies. Fortunately, subwoofers can bring that visceral experience into our living rooms and home theaters. But what about when we’re listening to our headphones? Why shouldn’t we get to feel the bass then, too? Apparently, the folks behind the Woojer were thinking along those lines.

The technical term for a device like the Woojer would be ‘bass transducer,’ but they also sometimes go by ‘bass shaker.’ We prefer to think of the Woojer as a wearable subwoofer. Simply place it inline between your source (smartphone, tablet, laptop … anything you want to connect headphones to) and then strap it (or clip it) on. The device then uses the bass information coming from your music, movie, or game to drive a transducer that essentially vibrates in concert with whatever you are listening to. The result is bass you can feel, not just hear.

We were intrigued by the idea, and apparently we weren’t the only ones. Woojer enjoyed quick success on Kickstarter, and now has a working device you can go buy right now. But does it work the way it is advertised? Well, sort of. check out the video above for the details to see if wearable bass is all its cracked up to be.