Recyc-ale: Ways to reuse old kegs around the house

We go through a lot of beer here at Digital Trends. That’s what happens when you live in the Beervana that is Portland. Luckily, we can just swap our empty kegs for new ones filled with tasty, tasty beer. But if you happen to have an old keg lying around, taking up space, there are lots of ways you can get more use out of it. A lot of great ideas come from breweries and pubs, who have lots of them on hand. Others are just upcycle enthusiasts or people who just want the world to know how much they like a cold one.

Maybe you’re looking for some new furniture for the basement or just really like the idea of cooking on a keg grill. Some genius has already thought it up, trust us. There are planters, urinals, sinks, and lights made out of kegs. And what better seating for a home bar than stools made out of kegs? Some of them you can buy (yep, you can purchase your own keg urinal); others are strictly DIY. One of our favorites is a mailbox made out of a keg. You gotta love people who put their love of beer on such public display.

We rounded up some of the coolest keg-turned-furniture-or-fixture projects we could find. If you do decide to tackle one of the projects, please don’t do so after you’ve polished off the contents of the kegs. Digital Trends accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained while performing these activities, and recommends the use of proper safety equipment during all stages of the process.

If you manage to pull off one of the projects, you’ll have some kickass keg furniture your local bar will be jealous of.

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