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Abode launches a $30 security camera to rival the Wyze Cam V3

One of the primary obstacles people encounter with DIY home security systems is the steep cost of equipment. High-end cameras regularly cost $150 or more per device, which makes it difficult to fully outfit your entire home without breaking the bank. Abode is offerung a solution to this problem with the Abode Cam 2, a small home security camera fully loaded with all the features you need. And you know what? It looks an awful like the Wyze Cam V3.

The Abode Cam 2 is available for pre-order starting today for just $30. This price includes the camera itself, as well as support for 24/7 video recording and individual event tracking.

This camera finds the balance between being a stand-alone device for use in a small studio apartment or asone part of a security system for a larger home. Abode users can view live video, receive alerts when motion or a person is detected, and record to the cloud with the Abode Standard or Pro plans. If you’re already an Abode customer and you want to add the Abode Cam 2 to your security system, it will seamlessly integrate with your existing devices and automatically upload video clips and recordings into the timeline.

The Abode Cam 2 has 1080p resolution and an IP65 rating that allows it to stand up to most anything nature will throw its way. It features a built-in Starlight sensor for full-color night vision and is one of the least expensive devices to offer this feature.

Out of the box, the Abode Cam 2 features support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to display their camera on the Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub. It also works with CUE, the automation engine that powers Abode devices, to define and trigger smart home and security scenes.

The Abode Cam 2 also has two-way audio for those times when you need to speak to a delivery person or tell your dog to get off the couch. It’s a fully featured camera at a budget price.

The Abode Cam 2 is expected to begin shipping in April with an MSRP of $35. If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, the pre-order price will shave $5 off the final cost.

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