Accordian-inspired foldable helmet sized to fit any head

Carrera foldable helmet

Bridging functionality with style, the new Carrera bike helmet is designed to be foldable and extended to fit the varying sizes of each rider’s head. The strips of each hard segments are connected by a stretchable strap, allowing the wearer to pull the helmet apart and fit it snugly on their head.

Carrera foldable helmet blueprintThe helmet, currently without an official style name, comes with a flexible frame that aims to be both comfortable and protective. The item reportedly meets the safety regulation standard, and the separated pieces of the hard case allows room for air to pass through. This adds to better wind circulation around the head as well, so no more sweating up a storm after an intense ride. When you take the helmet off and press the pieces all the way together, the item becomes 20 percent thinner, making it easier to store away in a backpack for the rest of the day. You can also wrap the chin straps around the belt loops of your pants and carry them around with less bulkiness.

While the lateral segments help to add air circulation and size expansion, we do question if the slots between the hard parts give way for less protection. We also wonder if the side protection would be affected knowing the helmet may shapeshift thanks to the stretchy bands. Any bike enthusiasts have thoughts on the product design?

The unnamed Carrera helmet is currently without pricing information, but should be available on its official website in the near future.