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This is the first cordless hair dryer powerful enough to get the job done

AER Dryer
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For some people, drying their hair is a time to relax and luxuriate in the experience. Others consider the essential chore an all-out bore. Wherever you fall on the bliss-to-boring spectrum, the common reality has included staying in one place while you get the job done. Sure, there are portable hair dryers that are OK for touch-ups, but drying a full wet head of medium-to-long hair has called for a corded dryer with enough power and heat to stay the course until your hair is dry.

Until now.

The AER Dryer is an artificially intelligent hair dryer with dual AC and DC 500-watt heating coils. You can use the AER Dryer with or without its power cable. Plugged in, there’s no time limit, but when running on lithium-ion battery power, the AER Dryer lasts up to four hours, depending on heat and fan settings. You can fully charge a depleted battery in four hours. The AER Dryer launched a crowdfunding campaign this week on Kickstarter.

The AER Dryer’s artificial intelligence system operates on several levels. Connected via Bluetooth to a mobile app running on your smartphone, the AER Dryer learns your hair drying preferences for heat and fan speed. You can configure or change settings at any time with the app, but otherwise, 13 sensors embedded in the Dryer track and remember your preferences. The app also adjusts your hairdryer settings to account for your current environment temperature and humidity. The AER Dryer also includes a DC ionizer to defeat any chance of frizzing. The AER Dryer has an LED light ring around the nozzle with indicators to show the current settings.

AER Dryer
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The AER Dryer comes neatly packed in a presentation box that includes the dryer, a quick charge base, a narrow concentrator, a wide concentrator, a diffuser, and a 9-foot cloth-braided travel charging cord. According to Wisconsin-based AER, its revolutionary hairdryer uses up to 77% less energy than industry-standard 1,500-watt hair dryers.

AER Dryer
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The projected retail price for the AER Dryer is $389, but the $229 early bird and $249 backer pledge specials still available on the Kickstarter page save 35% to 41%. There’s also a super early bird special with two AER Dryers for $378, a 51% savings. AER plans to begin shipping in November.

We always encourage caution when participating in a crowdfunding venture.

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