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Here are some hilarious tweets to Amazon Alexa losing her voice

#BREAKING – Amazon's Alexa is suffering a widespread outage. How on earth will I find out the time. Someone help. #Alexa

— Richard Southern (@richard680news) March 2, 2018

“Alexa, what is the weather like in Seattle?”




In what appeared to be a real-life version of Amazon’s funny Super Bowl commercial in which Alexa loses her voice, several Amazon Echo customers took to social media Friday, March 2, to report that the popular voice assistant wasn’t working properly. The problem appeared to be widespread, with the biggest reports coming from the West Coast and Northeast. It appeared that people could still get answers to their burning questions via the Alexa app, but not using their voice.

As you can imagine, Twitter users responded with confusion, frustration, and of course, lots of jokes. Here are just a few of our favorite Tweets:

@AmazonHelp, the AWS Service Health Dashboard says that the N. Virginia server issues have been &quot;resolved,&quot; but Alexa on my Echo/Dots is still down. I see I&#39;m not alone in this–can you issue Twitter updates so we know what&#39;s going on? @Amazon #Alexa #Echo

&mdash; Geekazoid (@JiffyPopCulture) March 2, 2018

Seems that @amazon Alexa services are down. Shocking that an all knowing all hearing bodiless voice connected by invisible wires to millions of people is having issues. Skynet will soon be back online &amp; destroying us all! Also, I can&#39;t turn my lights on w/ my voice and I&#39;m sad.

&mdash; Joshua C. Day (@JoshDayComedy) March 2, 2018

Anyone with an #amazonecho that&#39;s not working? I hope #alexa is okay. But ill take that @GordonRamsay version if she needs a break

&mdash; AFK|j0shimitsu @Muscle Tower (@j0shimitsu) March 2, 2018

Apparently Amazon is having across the board #Alexa outages. How soon until Fox News blames this on #AlecBaldwin?

&mdash; Steven Mackay (@sdamackay) March 2, 2018

All my #Alexa #echo devices are offline.

&mdash; Cory Church (@tech4eleven) March 2, 2018

Yes, #Alexa @Amazon, I can confirm you have a severe case of laryngitis. Where did your voice go?
Please get better soon! We were just getting acquainted… :)

&mdash; Susie (@Groceryhound) March 2, 2018

Holy shit Amazon Alexa is down. I can’t set timers!!!!!!111

&mdash; Mike Bodge (@mikebodge) March 2, 2018

Luckily, it looks like many devices are already coming back online. We will update you when we have more information.

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