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Attention Prime Now shoppers: Starting now you can place your order with Alexa

Amazon Dot
Just used the last disposable diaper or cracked the last six-pack of beer? (Well, hopefully not at the same time.) In either case, though, you’ll be pleased to know that on March 21, Amazon added a Prime Now skill so you can get free two-hour delivery of select “daily essential” items with Alexa voice shopping. And in three cities, that includes alcohol.

Ordering via Alexa is now available in the 30-plus Prime Now cities. According to Amazon, tens of thousands of products are available through Prime Now shopping. Alcohol delivery, which also starts on this first day of spring, is limited to Seattle where you can order any type of booze, and Columbus and Cincinnati in Ohio where you’re restricted to ordering beer and wine.

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Alexa Prime Now shopping works with Amazon Echo devices including Tap, Dot, Fire TV, and Tablet. In order to shop with Alexa’s Prime Now skill, you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber with a default payment method and shipping address. The $99�Prime membership comes with a boatload of other benefits including free two-day shipping on millions of items, free access to Prime videos, music, and more.

When you order with Alexa’s Prime Now shopping skill the syntax is “Alexa, order from Prime Now.” Alexa will recommend a product from those available and if you confirm, will add it to your order. You can include as many items as you wish. When you’re done adding items to your order Alexa sets the 2-hour delivery time.

“Bringing Prime Now to Alexa voice shopping combines two of the most innovative shopping technologies available for an experience that our customers are going to wonder how they ever lived without,” said Assaf Ronen, Amazon’s vice president of voice shopping. “We’re excited to offer the full Prime Now catalog with Alexa, including tens of thousands of items, which allows you to refill everyday essentials you’ve just run out of like diapers or dish soap, or cater to unexpected guests with Merlot and ice cream, all without ever leaving your house or even getting up from the couch.”

Previously you could shop on Amazon with Alexa and use the Alexa Deals skill for daily specials. Prime Now orders with the Alexa voice assistant adds to the service’s menu of shopping aids.

Enable Alexa Prime Now skill

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