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The Apple HomePod gets a whole lot cheaper today at Target

If you’re into Apple products, it is time to make a Target run (dudes, reams of toilet paper provide wonderful cover for buying video games) or jump online because the retailer is offering the Apple HomePod, the Siri-enabled digital alternative to Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo smart speakers  and Google’s Assistant-enabled devices for a massive price drop. As of this writing, the retailer is offering the smart speaker for $250, which is $100 off the retail price.

Admittedly, the price tag for the HomePod has been pretty high for most consumers. It was rumored earlier this year that a $150 version of the smart speaker would be forthcoming, but failed to materialize.

Also, we are iffy on the Apple HomePod, but if you are dedicated to the Apple ecosystem, it’s a pretty good deal on a smart speaker that may not be the best on the market this moment but promises to evolve and get competitive in a hurry. And let’s face it — no matter what smart speaker you choose, you can pretty much put them anywhere, they’re simple to set up, and when you’re a glass or two into Leonard Cohen or Van Morrison or whatever you kids or into lately, you will appreciate the groove.

Yes, we admit that the HomePod can be an odd choice — the thing seems to stain stuff without an effective stand, but the fundamental functions of it are sound. Here’s our original take:

“While the Apple HomePod is an outstanding speaker, it is made for a very specific audience and excludes many potential users. Until the HomePod offers support for multiple streaming apps and has more third-party app and feature integration, its excellent sound quality isn’t enough to warrant buying one.”

More importantly, should you buy it, even with a hundred bucks off and running to Target in the middle of the holiday rush?

“Do buy the HomePod if you are a hardcore Apple user and perfectly happy with Apple Music. Do not buy it if you own any phone other than an iPhone or want to listen to music sources other than Apple Music.”

There you have it. Make it so.

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