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Target will deliver your large in-store purchases straight to your door

Whole Foods is delivering, Walmart is delivering, and now, Target is delivering, too. The retail giant is hoping to make things a bit easier for its urban shoppers to get their big ticket items home with a new solution — same-day delivery of your in-store purchases. So if you don’t want to drag your new television or several packs of LaCroix sparkling water home with you on a crowded subway, just don’t. Instead, let Target do the heavy lifting for you.

By the end of the month, the retailer says, nearly 60 locations across five major cities — Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. — will offer customers the option of having their purchases delivered to their doorstep as part of the checkout process. The five cities, of course, are home to many car-less individuals who rely upon public transportation to get from Point A to Point B. And while that is fine for getting yourself around, getting yourself and some serious baggage around is another issue.

Thanks to the new delivery option, customers can request their purchases to be delivered later that day during just about any two-hour window that is most convenient. While this service isn’t entirely free, for just $7, it’s well worth the lack of trouble. After all, that is probably less than you would have to pay for an Uber or Lyft to get you back from Target to your home. There is a caveat, though — if you’re buying oversized items like large furniture sets, you may incur an additional $25 handling fee.

Already, Target has tried out this service at four New York City stores to apparently great success — at the very least, customers have liked it enough that Target is willing to expand the delivery option to many more stories in several more cities. Thus far, Target says that the most popular delivery items have come from the Home category. Because really, who wants to schlepp home patio furniture on the subway?

To determine whether your local Target offers delivery, you will either want to look for signage that alerts you to the new service or ask local team members about the availability. After going through your standard checkout process, just let your cashier know you would like home delivery. From there, choose your delivery window, provide your address and delivery details, then simply walk out of the store.

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