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This architect’s custom Lego room is straight from your childhood dreams

Growing up, my siblings and I had two giant tubs filled with Legos. It was amazing, unless I was hunting for a white one-by-one brick with that pincer-like holder, then I could spend hours sifting through pieces. We mostly built stuff free form, but if you’re going to follow the instruction booklets to the letter (or graphic), then staying organized will be a major time-saver. That’s probably why Lego enthusiast and architect Jeff Pelletier decided to design a whole room around his obsession with the building blocks.

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Built by N&R Construction, the basement of Pelletier’s Seattle home holds over 500,000 pieces of Lego, all separated out into bins that line the walls. There are also places for him to display his Lego houses, vehicles, and ships. Everything is meticulously organized, but it’s not all about the toys. There’s also a bar in the basement. “It’s a fun place to be creative, socialize with friends, or just watch a great movie,” he tells Zillow.

Pelletier credits his time spent playing with Legos as a child with his decision to become an architect. “I wouldn’t be an architect without Legos, and I likely wouldn’t be as creative without a fun and silly outlet like Legos, which I think influences my approach to architecture,” he says.

Even though we can all agree a dedicated Lego room is something out of our childhood dreams, he admits making it a reality wasn’t something he expects everyone to want in their own home. “The space was designed to be extremely personal, like a well-tailored suit.”

Indeed, he specifically mentions this project isn’t something that will necessarily up the resale value — unless he one day finds another Lego fanatic. Or someone who really wants a craft room in the basement.

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