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Array by Hampton brought locks and security lighting to CES 2019

Hampton Products International knows a thing or two about security. The company has specialized in locks and lighting for decades now. At CES 2019, Hampton Products is expanding its line of Array by Hampton products to include new locks and lights that offer smart, internet-connected options that you can control remotely with your phone.

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First up in the Array by Hampton lineup is the new Connected Door Lock. The deadbolt lock can be unlocked and locked remotely from your phone using the Array by Hampton app, or you can set up eCards or eCodes that allow temporary access into your house. Just connect the lock to your Wi-Fi network and you’ll be ready to go. The device includes two rechargeable and replaceable batteries so you’ll never have to worry about being locked out because you ran out of power.

It also offers geofencing notifications so it can lock or unlock the door when you get within a certain range of it. The lock works with Alexa out of the box, and support for Google Assistant and Siri are on the way, according to the company.

If you’re more into lights than locks, then the Array By Hampton Video Coach Light should appeal to you. What looks like a standard lantern style light hides an HD camera that capture everything through a wide-angle, low-distortion viewing lens that is capable of capturing night vision footage along with daytime activity. A motion sensor inside the light will trigger the camera and can give you warning about any activity. You can watch the video stream light through the Array app for iOS or Android, and communicate directly through the light thanks to built-in speakers and a microphone.

Because lighting fixtures are usually uniform around your house, Hampton is also putting out what it calls satellite lights. These fixtures look exactly like the Video Coach Light, but cuts out any of the smart features. That allows you to create a consistent look with the lights around your house without having to shell out the full price for a bunch of high-tech lights.

All of the Array by Hampton devices can but controlled through the Array app. You’ll be able to create custom schedules, set timers, interact with your devices and watch your cameras in real time. Hampton also announced that it will be using the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud platform to power its smart devices, so you can feel assured that your connection between the devices will be secure.

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