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The AtmosFX digital projector makes decorating scarily easy

Intro to Digital Decorating
Looking to up your decoration game this Halloween, but don’t have the time to string up fake spider webs or set up a full graveyard on your front lawn? The AtmosFX holiday digital decorating kit might be just the thing.

It includes everything you need to set up an otherworldly scene in your home, while eliminating the mess and a lot of the work of conventional decorations. The kit includes a high-definition projector and tripod for projecting one of 14 pre-loaded spooky scenes onto any flat surface. Some of the included scenes are Zombie Swarm, Werewolf, and Stalking Startlers. Also included in the set is a remote that allows you to change the scene on the fly.

If you want to get a little more advanced and work in some transparency to your display, the kit also comes with a window film. Just apply it to a large window, and it gives the window just the right opacity for your projections to show up without shining straight through. This can create a great effect, making it appear as if the ghouls are lurking inside your house, which just might give your house a haunted reputation.

The system can also be paired with AtmosFX’s 3DFX form. When inflated, the form resembles a human figure and, paired with a projection cloth draped over the top, you can project a dynamic character right onto its surface, adding some more life to your display.

While the $190 price tag might be pretty steep for scary decor, the kit does encompass more than a single holiday. It’s also with preloaded holiday scenes like Night Before Christmas and Let It Snow, so you can keep it out all winter as well. You can even purchase more packs to load onto an SD card to keep your content fresh, but unfortunately it doesn’t look there’s a Thanksgiving-themed one yet.

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