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Big Ass Solutions' Haiku Home fan and lighting products adjust to cut energy use

Becoming more eco-friendly keeps getting easier, from making small changes like switching to rechargeable battery-powered gardening tools to bigger adjustments like growing plants on your roof. Big Ass Solutions is adding to the green movement by unveiling a new residential division, Haiku Home, and is presenting more energy-efficient products at CES 2016. The line includes connected home products used for lighting, heating, and cooling.

Haiku Home’s new products include the L Series Fan, Designer Series Light, and Wall Control. Each reacts to human presence, according to the company, adjusting temperatures and ambient light levels as needed. The products work individually, but they can also be grouped with others. The company is currently working on adding to the division and has announced plans to ship hundreds of thousands of units in 2016.

Haiku Wall Control enables SenseMe technology for the Haiku L Series Fan and Designer Series Light, letting users control timer and scheduling functions along with Active Light Equalization. Set to retail for $125, Wall Control is able to group and synchronize multiple Haiku products through wireless connectivity. With sensors that detect human presence, lights and fans can be turned on and off automatically, thereby reducing energy use.

The Haiku L Series Fan, which hangs from the ceiling, will retail for $450, half the price of the company’s current models. With its built-in LED, the fan features 16 brightness settings and Energy Star-rated efficiency, plus color-temperature shifting. Meanwhile, the Haiku Designer Light Series will start at $149. When interacting with Haiku Wall Control, the lights respond to environmental conditions, and some models offer warm-to-cool color shifting.

Haiku’s L Series Fan and Wall Control are set to hit the market first, arriving in January 2016. The Haiku Designer Series Light is expected to be available starting in April, and Big Ass Solutions will look to add more to the Haiku Home division in the future.

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