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This compact wine cooler is made for the space-conscious apartment

Just because you live in a New York City apartment or spaces equally as cramped doesn’t mean you can’t indulge with the luxury of owning fancy wine cooler in your kitchen. The latest product from the United Kingdom-based company Caple will allow you to have a stylish and functional wine cooler, taking up a space of just 5.6 inches wide.

The Caple Wi153 Slimline wine cooler is made with reversible stainless steel door which fits neatly under any counter top. The cooler contains a built-in single temperature zone cabinet and can fit up to seven Bordeaux-style 750ml wine bottles at a time. While champagne bottles are not suggested for the Wi153, both red and white wines will be stored carefully within the cooler.

“Wine cabinets are now part and parcel of many homeowners’ appliance wish-lists, who will no longer make do with a chiller, which does not have the capability to store wine properly,” said Caple sales director Danny Lays. “At Caple, all of our wine cabinets use compressor cooling, which will give you absolute control of the temperature of your wine cabinet, whatever the weather, so your wine will retain all its complex flavour.”

The sleek door also contains a UV-protected glass so the wine won’t get damaged by artificial lighting or the excruciating sun this summer. A no-frost cooling system is also installed to prevent wine from getting too icy, keeping the wine at a steady temperature at all time. You can control the temperature ranging between 5 to 18 degrees Celsius (41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit) using an LED display. The cooler also boasts a quiet cooling functionality of 40dB sound level with no vibration to disturb your wine’s rest.

With a classic but contemporary design sure to fit any home with limited space, the wine cooler might be this summer’s kitchen necessity for the wine aficionados to stay out of the heat. The convenient below counter location also makes it great for entertaining, just as long as the kids don’t get a handle of the goodies inside.

The Caple Wi153 wine cooler is available for £245, or approximately $383 USD, plus international shipping. 

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