Click and Grow starter gardening kit provides you with micro greenhouses

There are a lot of gardeners who have their favourite method of germinating seeds, but Click and Grow’s DIY starter kit provides mini-greenhouses to encourage growth and get you started. Designed for novice gardeners and experienced growers alike, the starter kits are compatible with a wide array of plants, letting you start a small garden within your own home.

Designed by the company that brought you the Smart Garden 9, Click and Grow’s DIY Garden Starter Kit consists of nine plant cups, each with its own water-drawing wick and a plastic dome to control the interior environment. Plants can stay warm and well lit on a window sill or under artificial lighting, but the kit makes the process of germination and early watering super simple.

The cups are designed to work directly with Click and Grow’s plant capsules, so are compatible with a wide array of fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants. However, all you need really are some seeds, some soil or compost, and a place to put them. You can put the “cups” into plastic trays, Lego builds, coffee pots, or anything else you have at hand and they’ll help your fostered flowers through their first few weeks of life.

The kit comes with nine plant cups in total, each with its own water-absorbing wicks and plastic domes. You’ll need to add your own light and water, as well as a housing for them — though there are some smart solutions out there — and of course seeds and soil. Click and Grow does offer its own seed pod “plant capsules,” but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

Each starter kit costs $30, though there is some confusion over shipping times. While the main page says it can take up to six weeks for your order to arrive, the specific shipping page suggests it’s more like a week, so it might be worth confirming the terms for your area with Click and Grow yourself before ordering.

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