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The DoorCam can protect any part of your home thanks to its wireless design

DoorCam Background
Those who would dare intrude into your household aren’t bound by wires, so why should the tools you use to keep them out be any different? Here to answer that question is Remo+, the smart home security company behind the RemoCam and RemoBell that has now debuted the first wireless, over-the-door smart security camera — the DoorCam. Wi-Fi-enabled and totally mobile, this is one security camera that isn’t bound by wires, outlets, or anything else.

Like the other security products, the DoorCam will send you real-time and recorded HD video. But unlike other security cameras on the market, there’s no complex setup needed.

“Over 2 million U.S. homes are broken into every year,” says Charles Koo, CEO of Olive & Dove. “To help combat this growing security issue, we created DoorCam – a first-of-its-kind, wireless security camera designed to fit over any residential door. DoorCam is also the only outdoor camera/video doorbell with indoor Wi-Fi connectivity which combats low quality, lagging, and ineffective footage. Its Wi-Fi chipset and antenna are housed in the back of the device, which rests inside the home ensuring users enjoy their outdoor camera in the most optimal environment possible.”

The DoorCam camera also features a Passive Infrared sensor that claims to distinguish among humans, animals, and other minor distractions like flying leaves. That means that you won’t receive a barrage of notifications on a windy day, or have your phone buzz every time a cat passes your doorstep. But if someone approaches your door (or any other opening to which you’ve attached the DoorCam), you’ll receive a push notification to your smartphone allowing you to see live footage in 720 HD video. You’ll also be able to communicate with your visitor via full duplex audio. And thanks to the device’s 160-degree peripheral field of vision, you’ll be able to see everything that is happening in the vicinity of your home.

The DoorCam comes with an adjustable bracket that promises quick self-installation, and needs just three D batteries to support its functionality.

DoorCam will begin shipping in October of this year and is currently available to be ordered from for $199.

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