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The RemoBell doorbell senses body heat and motion, lets you see and speak

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Stop getting “ding-dong ditched” by the neighborhood miscreants. Thanks to a new video doorbell from Remocam known as the RemoBell, you’ll always be able to see what’s going on at your front door, so you don’t have to needlessly make the trek to greet a nonexistent, or unwelcome, visitor. Thanks to an HD camera and the smart-home device’s Wi-Fi connectivity, you’ll be able both to access footage of your entryway with the RemoBell, and to converse with the person you see outside.

With optical tech that uses a wide-angle lens instead of a fish-eye lens, you’ll be able to see more of the action taking place just outside, and will also be privy to a better quality video feed. In fact, a Remocam spokesperson claimed, you’ll have a 120-degree field of view from right to left, and a 90-degree field of view from top to bottom. But more impressively still, the RemoBell has a heat-sensing motion detector, which means that unless there’s body heat and motion, the device won’t be activated. This way, you’ll avoid accidentally triggering the doorbell with an insect, or a particularly strong gust of wind. And with the newfangled doorbell’s infrared LEDs, the camera will also work well in low-light situations.

“The RemoBell is simple to set up and use, affordable, and perfectly blends in with your home,” said Paul Lee, Remocam co-founder. “Our app provides real-time access to your front door, with two-way communication that allows you to see and speak to your visitors using your smartphone. The product is a nice complement to our Remocam security camera, which provides HD live-streaming monitoring inside the home.”

The RemoBell won’t be available until the summer, but when it does hit the market, you can expect to pay $199 for the smartest doorbell you’ve ever owned.

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