Drop will make pool maintenance easier for you this summer

Monitoring your pool can be a chore, but it’s necessary to keep it clean and safe throughout the swimming season. Thankfully, technology has come along in terms of maintaining this home luxury.

Drop, a new solar-powered pool device, is one example of this notion. The product is a smart-home device, specifically designed for pool owners. It can connect to your Android or iPhone via Wi-Fi and send you up-to-date data on your pool through the Drop app. With its pH, Oxydo-Reduction Potential (chlorine) and temperature sensors, you’ll know everything about your pool without having to dip a little color-changing stick into the water.

The device has a monocrystalline solar panel, a 3000mA battery and a lithium-ion battery back-up, meaning you never have to worry about manually powering Drop. The product is also designed to learn about your pool over time, offering you more accurate data and recommendations on your mobile device.

But it isn’t all about chemical measuring and water quality with Drop. The device also monitors movements and activities in the pool. It notifies you when they are detected, giving you an added level of safety. If you have kids around who use your pool, you’ll want to know where they are at all times.

Through the Drop app, you can monitor up to three pools at a time. Professionals may want to invest in Drop Pro ($9/month) to keep an eye on more than that.

As of June 2015, Drop has more than 100 backers on its Kickstarter campaign page, and an excess of $21,000 has been pledged in support. To say that people want a little more help managing their pools may be an understatement.

By pledging $149 or more, you can get your hands on a Drop by July 2016. Of course, this is a little while away, but knowing a safe summer is in your future may give you peace of mind.