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DT Music Pick: Justice

Justice “Audio, Video, Disco.”

For fans of: Daft Punk, Deadmau5, MGMT

This French electronic duo, consisting of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, burst onto the scene with a bang in 2007 with their debut album and hit song “D.A.N.C.E,” which you have probably heard at least a few times, even if you don’t realize who made it so popular. Justice has a beat-heavy, synthesized sound that most closely resembles electro legends Daft Punk, but also throws some pop and disco influences in there for good measure. The band’s debut album was a critical success and landed several songs in commercials, but fans have had to wait until now to get more new tracks from the talented duo. 

Released just last week, Justice’s new album “Audio, Video, Disco.” puts a new twist on the catchy, danceable sound that made the duo famous. The twist is that this album somehow manages to give the still-electro band some classic rock edge. The album is full of power chords and lengthy solos on top of the ever-present beats and synthesizer bass. It’s a small departure from the band’s dance-heavy sound that fans have come to know them for, but it’s a transition that makes sense and will still please fans who are looking for something with some heavy beats. Take a listen to the album’s lead single, “Civilization” below. 

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