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Short on time? This moving company provides estimates via video calls

dumbo moving virtual estimates city
Dumbo Moving
Moving is never completely effortless, but fortunately there are numerous companies out there aiming to make the process less painful. Recently, Dumbo Moving teamed up with the startup Crater to add a feature that facilitates virtual price estimates, eliminating the need for a preliminary on-site visit.

The New York City-based moving company gives consumers the option to schedule a video call in lieu of a in-person appointment. During the call, the prospective client uses an Android or iOS device to pan through their home to literally give Dumbo a clear picture of a job will entail. The footage is then used to put together an estimate.

The system serves as a quick and convenient alternative to the residence visits that most moving companies require, and it gives consumers more control and flexibility. So far, Dumbo Moving CEO and founder Lior Rachmany has found that consumers are more likely to book the service after receiving a virtual estimate; bookings have increased since Dumbo teamed up with Crater to add the option.

Dumbo’s partnership with Crater came after Rachmany saw the potential the startup offered for improvement. “I met with [Crater CEO] Alex Alpert, and he and the company truly blew my mind with the amount of options that they had to offer for different types of service industries, and particularly for the moving industry,” he told Digital Trends in an email.

Rachmany shared that the virtual visits give customers a chance to explain any special instructions in advance. Both the moving crew and the operations department are able to access the secure videos, so movers are better prepared for jobs. With both customers and employees on the same page ahead of time, Dumbo has found that clients are “more positive and aware,” according to the CEO.

Having more satisfied customers is also having a beneficial impact on employees; they are, in turn, happier as well, Rachmany revealed. All in all, it seems like a win for everyone, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the video calls save in resources — at least $75-$100 per visit.

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