Your kitchen is about to get a lot smarter thanks to Eggspert and Hello Egg

eggspert hello egg

You first said hello to Hello Egg back in October, but just three months later, this smart kitchen assistant is ready to impress you further. Complete with egg-related puns and AI-enabled capabilities is the new Eggspert, described as “a web and mobile application that integrates with smart kitchen assistant Hello Egg to fully automate users’ food-related routines.”

Whereas Hello Egg may have been helpful before, it may now features the addition of Eggspert. This virtual assistant will help you take the thought out of both meal planning and cooking, and will take your dietary restrictions and preferences into consideration when setting a menu for the week ahead. But don’t worry — Eggspert is an expert in spontaneity as well. If you need to make a sudden change (having vegan friends over for dinner?), Eggspert will help you adjust.

As per parent company RnD64’s release, Eggspert will do everything from organize your pantry to order your grocery delivery. And combined with Hello Egg’s step-by-step voice-navigated video recipes and its ability to answer cooking questions either by AI or a 24/7 support team of cooking experts, you’ll never feel alone in the kitchen.

“The initial tests of Hello Egg went significantly well and the feedback we received after the product announcement has confirmed the need for a dedicated smart cooking assistant,” said Dmytro Shemet, CEO of RnD64. “With Eggspert, we apply AI not only to facilitate the user’s kitchen experience but also to analyze their nutritional needs and optimize their cooking process on every level.”

Hello Egg will begin shipping to eager home cooks hoping to spend more time eating in in Q1 of 2017, and is currently available for pre-order at