Emax E-Volution: Fastest, greenest luxury yacht

For the yacht enthusiasts out there, and there are quite a few of you, the Monaco Yacht Show is a time of aquatic extravagance and luxurious indulgences–and this year certainly didn’t disappoint as Sauter Carbon Offset Design displayed their Emax E-Volution (creative name) solar hyrbid schooner.

The luxury vessel is of interest, not because of it’s prohibitive price tag, around $40 million, but because it can be powered by the wind, the sun, or a pair of engines running marine diesel, which to my understanding doesn’t consist of ground up dolphin and baby seals. This hybrid combination allows the boat to reach top speeds of 14 knots, which is perfect if you are a super villain desperately seeking the safe haven of international waters or your secret underwater lair.

On board the vessel there are six guest cabins and a master suite, a sun deck, pool, outdoor cinema, coat check room, and wine storage area all of which can be powered by the energy generated from the ships solar panels.

The Monaco Yacht Show may have wrapped up in Monte Carlo this last weekend, but that doesn’t mean the party has to end.

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