Like Roombas for your garden, Farmbot Genesis automates home farming

Like Roombas for your garden, these robots automate home farming

Farmbot Express

It’s been a while since FarmBot made headlines transforming the average Joe into a seasoned gardener, but the do-it-yourself agricultural robot has been refreshed and is now available in two new flavors. Both the FarmBot Express and Express XL are now on pre-order through the company’s website, with lower starting prices than what the original model cost in 2016.

If you’re not familiar with FarmBot, it’s essentially a DIY agriculture robot that will create and maintain your garden. Setup still requires a human touch, but it can easily be completed within an hour. Once it’s all configured and running, there is really no other human interaction that is necessary because it’s all automated. For those who were never really into gardening, FarmBot takes away all the hassle that traditional gardeners must go through by automating the process. You won’t have to sweat and bake under the sun anymore with FarmBot.

With these two upcoming models, which are slated for release sometime in November, they’re affordably priced to entice those who were probably hesitant about the original model’s hefty price tag. The only difference between the two new models is that the FarmBot Express XL offers more coverage to help you grow even more produce. More room, more produce for you to enjoy and sell. Much like the original, these new FarmBots allow you to graphically design your garden using an app, as well as controlling and customizing its various parameters — like how often you want to water the garden, taking photos, and even scaring away some birds that become curious.

The FarmBot Express fetches for $1,495, while the Express XL will have a $1,995 sticker price. While they may seem pricey, it still beats having to do all of the hard work in getting seeds planted and continuing to water them. Another thing worth pointing out is that you can essentially farm from anywhere. You never know what may come out of buying one of them, especially when it’s all automated once you get them set up. Quite possibly, you can start your own farming business and sell your harvest! So maybe, all that initial investment will pay off down the road?


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