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ThirdLove debuts a line of loungewear to go over those perfect bras

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As the article of clothing closest to our hearts, it ought to be the best. We’re talking, of course, about the bra — that can’t-live-with-it-can’t-live-without-it piece that every lady loves to hate. And while they’re indispensable, sometimes, we want nothing more than to dispense with them. Given how difficult it is to find a comfortable bra that fits, it’s no wonder that women are always on the lookout for new, innovative options. And the latest may come from ThirdLove.

Not only does ThirdLove ensure that women can find their perfect bra with its Fit Finder 2.0 tool, but the company has also unveiled its first loungewear collection for the working woman who just needs some time to relax.

“When I started ThirdLove, I didn’t set out to create a million different bras,” co-founder and CEO Heidi Zak said. “I wanted to make just a few truly incredible bras. The same goes for our loungewear, which are as wearable as they are beautiful.”

Made with premium natural fabrics, all of ThirdLove’s new pieces are meant to make women comfortable without sacrificing style. The company’s Seamless Lounge Collection is made of a unique bamboo fabric, and as its name suggests, features no seams on any of its four pieces. ThirdLove also has a Organic Cotton Lounge line, which features tops and bottoms sold as sets with a relaxed, easy fit.

The San Francisco-based bra and underwear company debuted its new Fit Finder 2.0 over the summer, heralded as a “revolutionary online tool that helps women find a perfect-fitting bra in under three minutes.” The goal is to give all women, no matter their size or shape, a personalized shopping experience for one of the most difficult items to shop for. The platform brings together sophisticated machine learning algorithms and customer feedback. The three-step process promises to be pretty straightforward — first, women complete an online questionnaire meant to identify your breast shape. That information is comprised of more than just size — rather, there are a number of options for you to choose from to establish exactly what you’re working with.

Then, Fit Finder sends you a list of personalized questions to help you trouble shoot fit issues. You’ll be asked about your height and other metrics that could affect your ability to keep your bra straps and band in place.

Finally, Fit Finder makes use of knowledge of industry sizing guides to tailor recommendations for their customers. That means that if you’re one size at Victoria’s Secret and another at Aerie, ThirdLove can figure out what your “true” size is.

“We’re always learning and looking for ways to enhance the ThirdLove experience. Whether it’s a slight tweak to make our bras fit even better or revolutionizing the process of getting fitted,” said Heidi Zak, founder and CEO, ThirdLove. “Our new Fit Finder is core to the ThirdLove mission of using technology and data to the fullest extent to make shopping for bras — from fit to wear, totally effortless.”

You can now try Fit Finder for yourself on the company website.

Update: ThirdLove now has a loungewear collection that puts women first. 

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