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Keep water crystal clear and cold with the Franke StillPure filtration system

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Staying hydrated and healthy has never been easier than it is with the StillPure under-silk filtration system from Franke. The new filtration system will not only ensure that you’ve the freshest of water from your kitchen sink, but also comes with a companion smart phone app that lets you keep tabs on your water usage by way of Bluetooth technology.

Franke claims that the StillPure filtration system removes harmful bacteria, parasites, and cysts, as well as chlorine and lead from your drinking water, therefore improving its taste, odor, and color. “Pure, pristine water is essential for everything we do in today’s health-conscious kitchen,” said Oliver Bahr, president of Franke Kitchen Systems North America. “Completely filtered water is just as important for rinsing, prepping, cooking and cleaning as it is for drinking. With Franke’s StillPure Filtration System, you’ll always have the freshest water for any purpose — where and when you need it.”

Compatible with any Franke faucet (including its famous three-in-one faucet capable of producing hot, cold, and filtered water from the same spout), the StillPure Filtration system promises to be highly discreet, keeping your sink area uncluttered. And of course, because this is a filter for your 21st-century smart home, it comes with a companion app that helps you track the number of filtered gallons of water your household consumes.

Plus, it will let you know when it’s time to change your filter so your water stays pure throughout the year. You can also re-order your filters directly from the app, making the whole process of drinking pure water quite seamless.

“Water contaminants can be invisible to the eye and even to the tongue, but with the Franke StillPure App and real-time updates that take the guess work out of knowing when to replace your filter, you’ll know for sure that your water is as pure as possible,” said Bahr. “Franke StillPure delivers the cleanest water — for the healthiest life — to the heart of your home.”  The new filtration system will set you back between $95 and $945 depending on the faucet model you select, or the one you have now if you’re already a Franke customer.

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