A karaoke shower and microwave that freezes food win the Odd Invention Challenge

freezer wave wins the odd invention challenge cooling microwave

For a couple of years now, flavored-liquor maker Oddka — which lives up to its name with fresh-cut grass and electricity vodkas — has been running an Odd Invention Challenge, awarding thousands of pounds to the person who invents something wacky but ultimately useful. This year’s winner was Emma Maskery, who came up with an idea for a microwave that both heats and cools food.

The machine would work like a regular appliance, but it could also chill or freeze food and beverages, depending on how cold you want it. That white wine you just bought? Quickly drop the temperature a few degrees without having to resort to ice cubes in your glass.

Inventor Colin Furze helped judge the competition, then built a prototype. By adding two carbon dioxide canisters to a microwave, Furze helped make Maskery’s Freezer-Wave a reality. The freeze switch releases pressurized CO2, lowering the temperature of whatever’s inside the microwave. In the video below, you can see the Freezer-Wave in action, forming ice crystals in a glass.Shower karaoke

“Winning £5,001 and actually having my invention made is incredible, and hopefully it’s the start of an Instant Freezing Microwave revolution!” said Maskery, according to the Daily Mail. She beat out Alex Clarry, who came up with the Karaoke Shower, a waterproof LCD touchscreen that comes with a disco ball showerhead and speakers, so you can belt out tunes as you bathe. Most people we know who sing in the shower do not need this kind of encouragement. Still, his consolation prize was £4,999, and Furze also built him a prototype.

Okay, after watching that video, our minds are completely changed. We demand a disco ball in our shower. Clarry, get thee to Kickstarter.