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Who run the world? Cats, ‘purr’ these catified homes

Dog people get a lot of attention for doting on their pets, but cat lovers can be pretty head-over-heels for their feline companions, too. The proof is in the many cat-centric renovations you can find. When remodeling, building, or redecorating their houses, these people put special effort into making their purry, furry pets feel at home.

Some people just had special beds made (or repurposed Ikea doll beds for their cats), while others embarked (em-meowed?) on more labor-intensive projects. Take Greg Krueger. The Minnesota man’s pad is decked out in all sorts of crazy cat contraptions, from dedicated staircases to padded catwalks for his pets to enjoy. He’s been creating the ultimate cat house for over 15 years. “They’re fun to watch, they’re very agile,” Krueger told KHON2. “I just love trails and paths, and cats of course, and so I’ve just linked those passions together.” It took $35,000 for another man to get his home fully cat-operational. He has 18 kitties, so it was a wise investment to put in ledges, walkways, and climbing poles. Another couple made a steampunk-style cat transport, which is basically a tube that snakes along the wall.

Building little nooks and crannies for kitties to hide in is pretty popular for homeowners with the money, time, and passion, as is making dedicated litter-box rooms.

Have you ever heard of a “catio”? It’s a thing. It’s safer for cats to stay indoors, away from dogs, cars, and other dangers. But they love basking the sun. The compromise is an enclosed outdoor space, where cats can stare at birds that stay just out of reach.

If you’re feeling frisky, check out our gallery of catified homes. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get a catio of your very own.

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