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iKuddle tech will keep tabs on tabby to ensure your cat is healthy and hydrated

It was only a matter of time before our cats got their own health-and-wellness system. iKuddle, the pet-centric Intelligence of Things (IoT)-brand that made waves last year with the announcement of its smart litter-box, continues to lead the charge on innovative pet tech. Well, the brand is back at it again with two new additions to its growing lineup of IoT-products  — the iKuddle Water Fountain and Auto Feeder.

Anyone can shoot down to their local Petco and grab a water and food dispenser without spending more than $60; so what makes iKuddle’s take on these two items so special? Quite a bit, actually.

Right off the bat, both the fountain and feeder will come equipped with iKuddle’s infrared technology; the brains behind its litter box. Once the devices are connected to Wi-Fi, sensors will constantly keep tabs on water and food levels, pinging our mobiles with quick alerts when there’s a shortage in the bowl. Kitties sometimes fall to the back-burner during our hectic morning rituals. Smart notifications through the iKuddle app (available for Android and iOS), will help ensure we refill the nibbles before hightailing it to work.

iKuddle Water Fountain press render

With iKuddle’s Intelligent Feeder-tech, pet owners will also be able to establish customized feeding habits for their cats. Settings will include regular intervals, manually, and smart modes based exclusively on their cat’s observed eating habits. The feeder will also boast a 1080p camera with a built-in two-way microphone, as well as both day and night-mode viewing options. Let’s face it — we’ve all wanted to whisper sweet somethings to Whiskers while she’s chowing down at midnight.

What really brings it all together though is iKuddle’s essential mission: creating a smart ecosystem of devices that keep pet owners up to date on the wellbeing of their animals. Much like the IoT-families of popular brands like Amazon and Google, all three of iKuddle’s smart products will be able to communicate in real time with each other.

What does this mean?

Say Whiskers needs to relieve herself. Not only will the iKuddle Litter Box perform an essential self-clean after her session, but it will also keep tabs on the regularity and volume of her bathroom visits. If it seems Whiskers may not be getting enough water, a notification will be sent to your mobile and the dispense-level of the smart-fountain will automatically be adjusted. The same goes for her food.

iKuddle Auto-Feeder press render

Cats are known to guard the symptoms of life-threatening illnesses, often until it’s too late. The iKuddle ecosystem will notify users of irregularities in their pet’s feeding and bathroom habits, a huge benefit for both owners and veterinarians alike. In a closing statement at CES 2020, iKuddle CEO Kevin Cai hinted that the fountain, feeder, and litter-box are “just a start” for his company’s four-toed footprint in the AIoT-landscape. The pricing and release dates for the two new products haven’t been disclosed.

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