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The iKuddle is a smart litter box that scoops the poop for you

Cats are wonderful companions that bring comfort in times of stress. On the other hand, if you’re unfortunate enough to keep your cat’s litter box in the bedroom or the living room, you know how these same elegant creatures can clear an area after they use the litter box. And often the only way to rid your room of that smell is to scoop the poop, a task that precisely no one looks forward to.

The iKuddle Auto-Pack Litter Box aims to solve all of these problems. This product debuted on Kickstarter just over a week ago, and has earned $851,000 — a far cry over the $30,000 originally asked for. People really hate scooping the litter box.

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So what actually makes the iKuddle “smart?” What sets it apart from a powered, automatic litter box? A few things, actually. The first, and perhaps most notable, is the self-cleaning system. A series of IR sensors will trigger this system within 3 to 10 minutes of your cat exiting the litter box to make sure your four-legged friend isn’t caught by the mechanism. This system scoops the waste into a special, bag-lined compartment before deploying a deodorant. No more running from the room when your cat strikes.

The smart function comes from the Wi-Fi control. Just open the app and tap a button, and your iKuddle will pack the poop into the bag and lift it from the container. All you have to do is toss it in the trash and replace the bag. If you have only a single cat, you need only pack its litter once a week.

The iKuddle also tracks how often your cat uses the litter box. This may seem strange, but if you suspect your kitty might be sick, this information can be essential for helping the vet narrow down the problem. After all, cats are notorious for showing very little signs of illness.

The battery lasts for just over two weeks, but you can also plug in the iKuddle and not worry about recharging it. The iKuddle has an estimated retail price of $399, but you can save up to 25% if you back the device before it launches.

We can’t help but laugh a little at the idea of a Wi-Fi connected litter box, and while the iKuddle is an expensive device, cat lovers will certainly appreciate its convenience.

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