Global warming spurs Swedish indoor ski park

Regardless of your own personal views on global warming our Swedish friends over at Danish megafirm C. F. Møller Architects seem to think it’s a big deal, enough to build a 750,000 square-foot winter wonderland.

The idea to construct Skipark 360° stems from the apparent reduced snowfall in this proud skiing nation. By taking on this project, C. F. Møller Architects aims to have “the world’s most complete indoor ski park” in Sweden , with the Skipark 360° boasting downhill, nordic, biathlon facilities and much more. This facility, while an obvious leisure attraction, could also serve as a serious training ground for national winter sports teams as well.

What’s the point of constructing a mammoth indoor ski park if by doing so will only add to the very phenomenon that necessitated it’s conception? Well, C. F. Møller is taking care to ensure that Skipark 360° is entirely self-sufficient, with renewable energy from geothermal wells, solar panels, wind turbines, and hyrdopower. Construction on the park is expected to begin sometime in 2013 or 2014.

[Images courtesy of C. F. Møller]