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Taste (the food inside) the rainbow! These 16 fridges come in every color

Update 12/4 by Jeremy Kaplan: GE sold the colored refrigerators for a limited time as part of the Artistry line, and tells Digital Trends they are no longer selling them. The links in this article unfortunately no longer work.

Stainless steel appliances definitely lend kitchens a certain look, and it’s a look lots of people love. (Just watch an episode of House Hunters.) But not everyone thinks kitchens begin and end with the ubiquitous, shiny surface. In fact, there are lots of appliance makers that make fridges, ranges, and dishwashers in almost every color under the sun. Even GE is starting to offer a few options beyond the usual fare. Want a neon kitchen? There are lime-green fridges. Prefer pastel? Try a buttercup yellow. We rounded up some fridge-makers that go beyond fifty shades of silver.

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