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Grill anywhere: Soft silicone sides let this BBQ fold down to fit in a backpack

There are lots of innovations going on when it comes to the kitchen, from more-affordable sous vide machines to ovens that take videos of your meal while it’s cooking, so you’re not tied to the stove all evening. But what about outdoor cooking? When it comes to grills, there are lots of cool accessories, but no one’s really reinventing the device itself. Probably because grills work so well as is, except for one area: portability. Lugging a Weber to a tailgate is bad enough, but don’t even think of trying that with your propane grill. Even the Weber Q isn’t ideal to take on a hike, because it weighs 31 pounds.

The eight-pound GoBQ breaks the typical outdoor, packable grill mold, as it folds up to duffel-bag size, so you can actually fit it in your backpack. It’s actually made of fabric instead of metal, so it’s collapsable.

GoBQ Indiegogo Campaign Video

Made from silicone-coated fiberglass fabric, which is FDA-approved, the compact grill can endure temperatures over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (648 degrees Celsius). You have have seen similar substances in baking mats, though those tend to top out at around 450 degrees Fahrenheit in terms of what they can withstand. The high-tech, heat- and flame-resistant material also cools down quicker than metal, according to the Chicago-based developers, so you don’t have to wait as long before packing up to go home. Plus, the fabric insulates the heat, keeping the outside cooler and, thus, slightly safer.

For on-the-go roasters, the charcoal griller reportedly folds up or breaks down in 20 seconds, like a camping chair, and sports a 14-by-14-inch grate, which allows plenty of grilling space to feed a family, including that great uncle who tagged along.

With over $6,000 raised toward its $30,000 Indiegogo fundraising goal, the team hopes to stay on track for its August delivery date, just in time for an end-of-summer camping trip. Early-birds can nab the first 50 GoBQs for $99 each, though those are quickly running out. The next level starts at $120, and neither includes the $14 shipping charge.

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Best Roomba Prime Day deals: robots vacuums under $200
iRobot Roomba 694 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum cleaning up spilled cereal.

The Roomba name is almost synonymous with robot vacuums, and with iRobot now being an Amazon property the little robot vacuum is turning up big among all of the Prime Day deals going on. In fact, several Roomba models are offering some of the best Prime Day robot vacuum deals we're seeing available today. We feel the iRobot Roomba i5+ currently makes for the best Roomba Prime Day deal out there, and you can read more about it below. But there are many more Roomba Prime Day deals to take a look at as well so read onward for all of the details. Act quickly if you see a Roomba at a price you like, as these are some of the more popular pieces of tech available during the Prime Day event.
Best Roomba Prime Day deal
iRobot Roomba i5+ -- $399, was $550

The iRobot Roomba i5+ robot vacuum offers powerful cleaning with its premium three-stage cleaning system that can take care of all kinds of messes, and it comes with the Clean Base automatic dirt disposal where it will return either to empty its contents when its bin is full or to recharge when its battery is depleted or when its done with its job. You can initiate the cleaning session through the iRobot app, but the robot vacuum will learn your home's layout so you can eventually direct it to go through a specific room or area, as well as your cleaning habits so it can recommend schedules. It also works with voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa.

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This DIY home security Ring Alarm kit is $80 off right now
The latest Ring Alarm 5-piece kit, with all of the pieces displayed together.

Since Prime Day is nearly here and the best Prime Day deals have already started, at least in many cases, we decided to check out what security packages were out there and discounted. We found this Ring kit, one of the best home security kits, brought down to just $120. That's an $80 drop from the $200 you'd usually have to pay, and the only catch is that you have to be a Prime member. Tap the button immediately below to see the kit for yourself, or keep reading to learn more about what is included and the best way to become a Prime member for free.

Why you should buy the Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit
This Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor for your door, motion detector, and a range extender to ensure you can build a Ring kit around your entire home. This equipment is likely enough to give you piece of mind for a small home and get you well on your way to better security for a larger or medium-sized home. Since this is a kit, not a locked in set, there is also room to expand your coverage as needed after you see how things work from here.

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Prime Day treadmill deals: Fitness machines starting at $116
Prime Day 2022 treadmill deals graphic.

You can think of the summer as a great time to exercise outdoors. However, it is often too hot for a jog on your lunch break, and besides, you picked up that Prime Day TV deal, so it is best to stay indoors and run while you watch. That means a treadmill. And, as it turns out, Prime Day treadmill deals are fairly abundant and you can find something great at a lower price than usual. So, as part of our continued coverage of Prime Day deals, consider these workout machines. Then, go check out other fitness deals to keep your full body in shape this summer.

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