Watch what you eat: New Electrolux oven has a cam to capture culinary conquests

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Electrolux’s AEG Let’s Taste app, shown here working with an older model oven, allows owners to download recipes and adjust the oven to the perfect settings.
As the demand for connected appliances heats up, so too will a new smart oven from Electrolux, later this year.

The Swedish-based company plans to sell an oven that downloads directions on how to braise ribs or boil pasta al dente from a recipe app. A camera will film your culinary efforts too, so you can keep tabs on the process while busy elsewhere around the house.

With Google’s emphasis on home automation through its Nest Labs acquisition last year and Apple’s increased focus on its HomeKit concept for integrated smart appliances, Europe’s largest appliance manufacturer is poised to stake a claim in the market. Its a bit of a gamble, because right now smart appliances make up just one percent of the home-automation market, though Electrolux’s chief operations officer, Jan Brockmann, predicts that share will rise to 10 percent in five years’ time, according to Bloomberg Business.

Electrolux also aims to foster stronger ties to its customers, as part of this product launch. The new oven is linked to an app with a community, where consumers can connect with others to share kitchen experiences. “If you buy a connected product we will have a different relationship as opposed to a one-time buy,” Brockmann said. “We will know your needs much better. We can offer you more directed stuff, you can give more feedback.”

Despite a history of failed attempts in years’ past, such as a fridge with a built-in screen, Brockmann is optimistic about lessons learned. “The more things you connect, the more risk of confusing consumers,” Brockmann said. “The solution has to be a common ecosystem, communication standards that are safe and aligned.”

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