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Sharp’s new Innit-enabled smart oven does all the cooking math for you

Kitchen appliances may well be how Judgement Day starts, given how much artificial intelligence is being packed into them these days but in the meantime, we’re getting some pretty cool intuitive features that have been virtually unheard of until now. There have been plenty of online interactive cooking helpers you could access on your smartphone or tablet for years now but Sharp — which already upped its game with new ovens last year — announced a new one called the Love2Cook Smart Oven, which has the smart kitchen app Innit, which delivers customized recipes and other features, onboard from the start.

Basically, we’re talking about an ultra-efficient, 78-liter that looks to be a new evolution of the nuclear-hot smart ovens that Sharp has been promoting lately.

Innit started as a personalized solution to help you easily shop for the right ingredients and confidently cook delicious meals any night of the week. Since its origin, it’s definitely become more complex and its latest iteration on the Sharp ovens offers around 150 auto cooking recipe functions, all of which can be controlled via voice control. It’s not built-in, unfortunately — however, you simply have to sync to the oven to a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa-enabled device in order to enable voice control.

In term of physical controls, the Love2Cook oven offers 10 distinct cooking functions as well as a suite of professional-quality cooking accessories, among which are the RoastPro Turnspit, on which you can cook an evenly cooked pig or something, and the RoastPro Digital Meat Probe, which promises digitally accurate heating results.

Meanwhile, you can still use all the features that Innit provides and because the interface seems to be evolving all the time, it can do new and cooler things for foodies and home chefs all the time. If you’re a home cook that uses intuition and instinct to whip together a meal, go crazy. But if you’re like most of us that actually read the recipe and use measuring spoons and cups and so forth, Innit is kind of a godsend.

First of all, Innit’s onboard database that has been integrated into Sharp’s new Love2Cook Smart Oven has thousands of recipes, which would be great by itself, but they can also be transformed on command into countless variations. This is very handy if you find yourself making chicken tikki marsala and it turns out you have green beans but not cauliflower, as one example.

In addition, Innit is able to recommend dishes based on what you have on hand, make substitutions for ingredients, and make recommendations for you to adjust cooking times and conditions based on the selections you’ve made for tonight’s dinner. The embedded Innit features will even optimize energy efficiency to tweak cooking settings to set the right temperature, cooking mode, and oven time for every recipe you choose from the menu. Innit can even figure out that you’re cooking multiple dishes so if you’re roasting a chicken and still want to pop in some green beans, it figures out that all of the meal is ready and hot at the same time.

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