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LG’s new nuclear-hot ovens offer some of the fastest cooking times ever

Remember all that cooking coming up at Thanksgiving, endless hours baking all the things? If smart kitchen owners take advantage of two spiffy new ovens from LG, they could be done four times faster than using a traditional oven.

In fact, LG is introducing two new products in its growing line of combination double-wall ovens that not only offer some of the fastest cooking times ever introduced to the modern kitchen, but they also integrate with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice control. The company is even partnering with Innit and SideChef to offer smart meal planning and recipe services to help smart homeowners create and cook delightful meals at home.

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There are two models, the LWC3063ST and the LWC3063BD, which don’t exactly roll off the tongue. For those of you who are into the whole brevity thing, you will be looking for the upper LG TurboCook Speed Oven or the lower LG True Convection Oven.

The upper LG TurboCook Speed Oven, sized at 1.7 cubic feet, enables users to completely skip preheating thanks to the company’s proprietary LG Infrared Heating technology. Basically, this is a two-in-one convection-microwave hybrid that can cook just about anything up to four times faster than a conventional oven.

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Meanwhile, the 4.7 cubic-foot True Convection Oven’s calling card is precision cooking. It includes a steam cooking feature with its own refillable water reservoir to augment a smart oven that delivers precise heat to make meals that are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

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“LG smart kitchen appliances are inspired first by consumer needs and behaviors, and are then combined with years of research and cutting-edge innovations,” David VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA said in a release. “Our approach enables us to consistently deliver meaningful, award-winning advances that make consumer’s lives easier and more enjoyable. LG’s new combination double-wall ovens are perfect examples, designed to deliver more cooking power, flexibility, and convenience.”

It stands to reason that ovens that cook this fast would clean just as fast. LG says these ovens offer the only 10-minute cleaning cycle on the market, delivered in three easy steps without chemical fumes or high heat. Simply spray the oven interior with water, punch in the LG EasyClean function and then wipe away any leftover grime. It also comes with a traditional self-clean cycle for the occasional deep clean.

LG has been getting into the smart home in a big way, especially in the smart kitchen. In addition to its numerous lines of smartphones, the company has been releasing smart kitchen appliances on a very regular basis including most recently a wine cellar and a dishwasher.

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