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LG adds air fryers and clear oven doors to its ThinQ range of smart ovens

Smart kitchen devices have come a long way in recent years, but it is easy for the countertop to become cluttered from all of the different devices. Instant Pots, air fryers, and dozens of various other smart products vie for space in your kitchen. The new LG InstaView ThinQ Range includes a built-in Air Fry feature that eliminates the need for a smaller air fryer and combines its functionality with that of a traditional oven.

Air fryers have many different benefits, but one of the most prominent is the lack of oil needed to cook delicious meals. An air fryer can give that same deep-fried flavor without the unhealthy side effects. The new Air Fry feature doesn’t require preheating to operate, which means you can get dinner on the table faster.

This is also aided by the InstaView technology. There’s no need to search for a switch or toggle on the oven; just knock twice on the window and the interior lights up so you can see what you’re cooking. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to open the door and let heat out to check the status of a dish. This also improves the energy efficiency of the oven.

The benefits of this oven continue for health-conscious customers. LG’s EasyClean and Self Clean technology helps prevent the buildup of carbon and other materials inside the oven without the need for harsh chemicals. The EasyClean feature steams the oven to remove built-up residue, while the Self Clean feature cranks the heat up to burn off anything clinging to the interior of the oven.

In addition to the features the InstaView ThinQ Range brings to the smart kitchen game, the LG ThinQ app provides access to thousands of different recipes from SideChef, Innit, and Tovala. Step-by-step instructions guide the user through every step of even the most complicated recipes. The app can set the oven to the proper temperature straight from your phone without touching a button.

There are other smart ovens on the market, but the InstaView ThinQ is one of the most powerful options. If you want to step up your smart kitchen game, this oven is one to check out.

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