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Brush your teeth in style with the new All-Black Brush Kit from Goby

goby all black brush kit screen shot 2017 04 29 at 2 09 11 pm
It’s hard to get excited about brushing your teeth. That is, unless your toothbrush is particularly exciting. Yes, an exciting toothbrush sounds oxymoronic. But the new Goby All-Black Brush Kit brings style to your sink. Promising “extraordinary beauty and elegant design to oral care,” the new All-Black Brush will make your bathroom seem a bit more … elegant, even if it’s where you do the basest of things.

The limited edition toothbrush combines gloss and matte black finishing and comes in custom black packaging. But the beauty of the All-Black Kit is more than skin deep. Rather, this electric toothbrush boasts a two-minute timer with 30-second intervals, two speeds (standard and sensitive), a rotationally oscillating brush head with soft bristles, and a long lasting battery that only needs to be charged twice a month.

But why go with the Goby toothbrush over any other electric option? As the company notes, “When designing the product, Goby aimed to eliminate the issues common in today’s electric toothbrushes, including unsightly residue build-up, tangled cords, and the constant need to recharge. The Goby toothbrush utilizes rotationally oscillating technology, which is clinically proven to be the most effective at cleaning teeth.”

Sure, you might be able to find another toothbrush with similar functionality, but what really sets Goby apart is its direct-to-consumer model, which allows the company to offer its product at a truly low price. In fact, even this special edition toothbrush can be purchased for just $60.

Included in all Goby toothbrushes are a modular brush stand with a removable drip tray, a premium battery to increase run time, and a patent-pending charging system with a removable charging shell to minimize the need for cords in the bathroom.

And thanks to Goby’s subscription model, you can get a new brush head every few months, or buy your own replacement heads at your own pace for $6 or less. So if you’re looking for a way to show your dentist that you’re a sophisticated adult, you may want to start with the All-Black Brush Kit from Goby.

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